Strong Bonding

Reflective film on aluminium plate, digital print on vinyl sheeting, safety markings on magnetic film – we combine different materials effectively.

Reflective Films on Plates

The perfect partnership for solid signs.

Polycarbonate plate with holes

Printed reflective film

Suction cups

In road traffic, reflective films are used to highlight messages that need to be seen by everybody in all light and weather conditions. But there is more to traffic signs than reflective films – the sign substrate. The plates also need to fulfil certain requirements as to durability and strength so that vinyl and plate can become a perfect match. For example, for our vehicle marking signs, we apply the reflective sheeting ORALITE® 5400 from Orafol® on an Impex® polycarbonate plate. You can choose between four ways of how to install the sign onto your car. The option that allows maximum flexibility are the suction cups: You can attach and remove the car sign in just a minute.

Foldable aluminium plate

Reflective film

Lettering film

For vehicle plates, we offer a range of different designs. All these variants conform to European traffic regulations. We stock plates of steel sheet or aluminium, as rigid or foldable panels. The laminated reflective film ensures that the message is seen by everybody, also at night or in bad weather. But we can do more than vehicle plates! With our expertise we would be happy to support your next project that involves bonding vinyl films and plates.

Reflective Film on Magnetic Base

The right choice for temporary usage.

Magnetic film

Reflective film

Printed text

Marker boards and abnormal transport panels (the sign Schwertransport – Heavy Haulage in the picture above) are popular products in our shop. Especially the designs with magnetic base are real bestsellers because they can be installed and removed very fast – the perfect choice for a car fleet, leased cars or people who need the panels only temporarily. How do we produce these magnetic panels? We laminate reflective sheeting on a powerful magnetic film, so the vehicle panel is flexible. Our magnetic products – reliable and versatile.

Reflective Film on Reflective Banner Material

Maximum flexibility for fixed and moveable signs.

Reflective banner

Printed text


There are two ways how we add your message onto the reflective banner material. Depending on your wishes, we print your text or symbols onto the vinyl film, or we apply other pre-cut films like lettering films on it. What you always get is a flexible product that is also easy to stow away. If attached correctly, the reflective banner displays effectively any information to other road users – even on moving vehicles. For stationary usage, you can fasten it to fences or scaffoldings. Spread your words with reflective banners.

Material Gallery

Premium products by our partners Orafol® , 3MTM and Reflexallen.

Basic reflectivity

Film structure:
Type A = embedded glass beads
or type C = microprisms

Fields of application: traffic signs, directional signs, lettering

High reflectivity

Film structure:
Type B = encapsulated glass beads or type C = microprisms

Fields of application: traffic signs, directional signs, lettering

Maximum reflectivity

Film structure:
Type C = microprisms

Fields of application: traffic signs, directional signs, lettering

Also known as neon or dayglow films (not to be confused with luminescent/phosphorescent films)

Popular colours: fluorescent lime, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange

Main feature: high conspicuity by day

Fields of application: marking of vehicles or other objects

Extreme reflectivity

Colour: silver grey

Special features: reflects incident light to its source in highly collimated beams

Fields of application: photoelectric sensors and barriers

Durable base materials:

Aluminium composites, PVC and polycarbonate are materials that can be laminated with reflective films. You choose the plate material that is suitable for the intended purpose and we do the milling.

Our magnetic films have been developed especially for the use on cars and therefore meet all the relevant requirements: they are hardwearing, easy to maintain and do not get lost, even at high speed.

Our reflective banner material is based on a textile backside made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. You can print letters and symbols onto the front layer or apply self-adhesive lettering film on it. The completed banner is highly flexible, light and thus easy to transport. It also withstands most weather impacts.

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