High-Precision Cuts

Clear-cut sheets, shapes and lettering – We offer cutting-edge results according to your requirements.

Custom Cuts

Pretty (and) Precise.


Vehicle safety markings can be beautiful! Discover the red-white chevron film from a new perspective – custom cut for recent car models. The markings almost look like the wrapping of sports cars, since the livery is adapted to the contours of the vehicle. Our state-of-the-art flatbed plotter provides excellent precision work when cutting the vehicle film according to digital templates. The results are film sheets with clean edges that fit perfectly into place. Just send us an email or use the contact form if you would like to order a tailor-made vehicle marking set for your car.


Eye-Catching Details

When it comes to conspicuity, size does not matter. You do not need to install large reflective sheets in order to be seen – sometimes small stickers at the right place are enough to enhance safety. You can put reflective stickers onto bicycle helmets, wheel rims or walking aids. These high-conspicuity details can help to prevent accidents by improving visibility in poor light conditions.

In our shop, we offer self-adhesive tapes in many different colours.

Letters and Numbers

Reflective Text for Important Messages.

If you have something to say, make sure it can be read in all light conditions. The best solution is to use our self-adhesive letters and numbers cut out of reflective film and available in many colours and different fonts in our shop. Here you can also choose between different reflectivity classes according to your needs.

A well-known example is the lettering on police cars – silver-coloured text made of high-conspicuity film.

Other reflective products like conspicuity tape or fluorescent vehicle markings are the perfect addition to rescue vehicles, which need to be seen at all times.

Material Gallery

Our wide range of reflective products comprise high-quality films for many different fields of applications – all made by our partners Orafol®, 3MTM and Reflexallen.

These films are used for marking emergency vehicles with the typical chevron livery or for spreading commercial messages with car lettering. Designed especially for these purposes, vehicle films are perfectly suitable for outdoor conditions. They are available in a wide range of vivid colours.

Depending on the place of installation, there are three reflectivity classes to choose from: basic reflectivity (RA1) for signs in traffic-calmed areas, high reflectivity (RA2) for standard signs and maximum reflectivity (RA3) for highways and rural roads.

Reflective films for fabrics are most common on safety apparel and pieces of workwear. Those high-visibility (hi-vis) details are suitable for sew-on, iron-on or stick-on applications.

Fluorescent colours are also called dayglow or neon colours (not to be confused with phosphorescent/luminescent or glow-in-the-dark colours). In daylight, fluorescent films excel in conspicuity. The classic neon colours being lime, yellow and red, we offer a range of different shades in our shop.

Maritime films enhance the visibility of water vehicles and safety equipment like lifebelts. They are self-adhesive and waterproof, being able to withstand hours in salt-water. Since they are used for rescue purposes, they provide superb reflectivity.

Our reflective banners are flexible allrounders, that can easily be transported, attached and removed. They consist of a reflective film laminated onto a layer of weatherproof fabric.

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