Modern Milling

We cut many different composite materials into size with our modern milling machine – fast and with high precision.

Custom Cuts

We help your ideas to take shape.

Lettering made of milled composite material boasts higher value than just printed text thanks to its three-dimensional structure. We have the right plate material for any of your plans and cut it into shape. Why not use translucent acrylic glass for striking interior furniture with background illumination?

Standard Cuts

Simple shapes you can order right away.

Our configurator helps you to purchase the right material in the right shape without any hassle. You can also decide on parameters like dimensions or boreholes in order to execute your plans according to your wishes. After having received your order, we mill the plates as per your specification and package them carefully and properly.

You find all our plate materials and the configurator here:


Special solutions for special purposes.

Sometimes, products for special purposes are needed quickly. Therefore, it is good to have them ready at hand. At the moment, we offer sneeze guards in various forms and sizes: as freestanding protective barriers with or without pass-through slots, or as hanging shields with boreholes. Whatever the field of application, we have the right guard shield for you.

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Material Gallery

We obtain the composite materials from our partners 3A Composites and Polycasa.

Aluminium composite panels are hardwearing, durable and weatherproof. They weigh considerably less than plates of pure aluminium.

Acrylic glass is very versatile and hardwearing – the perfect choice for outdoor applications. Acrylic glass weighs considerably less than regular glass.

Boards made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are rigid foam panels, that are durable and weatherproof. They are also hardwearing, flame-retardant and easy to maintain. PVC panels are often used for building exhibition stands.
Polycarbonate (PC) is used where other materials fail. Despite being extremely impact and heat resistant as well as abrasion-proof, PC weighs very little.

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